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A globally recognised, award-winning framework for administrative professionals and HR teams that, irrespective of country, makes it possible to identify levels of work for a given role and career progression opportunities to realise the potential to an organisation of an effective administrator.

We are delighted that the Global Skills Matrix is the winner of the Best Education or Professional Development Offering at the International & European Association 2022 Awards. The judges described it as  “..a project perfectly aligned with the mission and vision of the WA-Alliance. Clear strategy, thoroughly planned and executed. Delivered brilliantly and measured well.”


Global Skills Matrix

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The Global Skills Matrix

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Why The Global Skills Matrix Matters

There has never been a more important time for organisations to utilise their administrators to their full potential. Covid-19 has increased the need for management to be more agile and operating at maximum capacity. Every organisation needs to ensure the ROI on their executives’ salaries is maximised.

A career administrator with clear goals and objectives, combined with opportunities for personal development and career progression is a key component for achieving this.

Are your administrators’ job descriptions up to date? Do you organise administrator specific training? Do you have a clear career progression for your administrator team? Do they have objectives and KPIs in place for the next year?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, then now is the time to review and take action.

We are offering a free 45-minute introduction webinar by Lucy Brazier, OBE and Helen Monument to help you understand what the Global Skills Matrix can do for your company.  See Free tools and resources below.


The Global Skills Matrix:

  • Professionalises & increases the role value
  • Makes becoming an administrator a viable & structured career choice
  • Provides a framework when changing job, locally or globally
  • Paves the way for specific & internationally recognised credentialing

It is useful for HR, principals, & administrators for clarifying:

  • career pathways
  • performance & salary expectations
  • growth & development opportunities

It also identifies requirements when:

  • hiring administrators
  • providing a structure for advancement
  • scoping to maximize administrators performance & utilisation

Testimonials & Endorsements

Scroll through our testimonials and endorsements by using the arrows below.

  • “It ties into performance – KPIs and goals for assistants. We want to encourage excellence at each level.

    Every assistant will have their own journey and should feel they can attain excellence at their level.

    This ties into creating a world-class administrative function which underpins what the stakeholder goals and KPIs are for each business.”

    Sarah Richson
Double award-winning global human development expert

  • “The Global Skills Matrix is probably one of the most important and influential announcements from the administrative profession this century. Not only will the Global Skills Matrix benefit all levels of assistants it will also be of significant benefit to organisations who have never really treated the role as something that merited the same level of investment in career development and progression as other roles.”

    Richard Arnott, BA, FinstAM, FITOL
    Director of BMTG UK & Author of the ACEA© programme.

  • “The Global Skills Matrix serves as the authoritative resource providing a definitive framework for administrative professionals. It is a hallmark piece of work that actualizes the vital roles that administrators play. Offering a malleable structure, with suggested role profiles and job titles, leaders and HR professionals will collectively be shouting with relief. Bravo to the leaders of the World Administrators Alliance for their game-changing contribution to the global workplace.”

    Bonnie Low-Kramen
    International Speaker & Bestselling Author of “Be The Ultimate Assistant”

  • “The GSM is the culmination of the hard work of the World Administrators Alliance. It is a game changer for the Assistants’ profession. It will give clarity to HR departments and managers. It will very much improve the recruitment process, it will give a clear career path for Assistants, it will help training companies enhance their courses. It is incredibly valuable. Well done, everyone.”

    Heather Baker
    Director, Baker Thompson Associates

  • “IMA – International Management Assistants – highly recommends and endorses the implementation of the Global Skills Matrix. The Matrix enables the administrative professional to create and progress along a clearly defined professional path, with key performance indicators to further enhance and support the process.

    In addition, the Matrix provides all professional stakeholders with the necessary insight and tools for the full utilization of the skills and capabilities of administrative professionals across the globe, from an entry to C-suite level.
    IMA has planned several webinars at both Global and national level and will continue to support and raise the awareness of this valuable initiative going forward.”

    Nina Aunula
    Executive Chairman, International Management Assistants

  • “The Global Skills Matrix is ground breaking. It creates an excellent basis for an internationally uniform understanding of administrative functions as well as for their comparability. This is exactly what we need now. For the first time, assistant positions can be compared across organisations and countries, ranked consistently and recommendations made in terms of qualifications and professional development. A clear benefit for organisations and assistants likewise. As a recruiter for the assistant sector, I support the introduction and dissemination of the Global Skills Matrix in Germany.”

    Verena Schiffer
    Consulting and Recruiting for Assistants

  • “The Global Skills Matrix is a document that provides clarity within the administrative world where there are more than 160 different job titles for similar positions. The Matrix is an invaluable tool for recruiters, Executives and HR individuals, helping them define career advancement, and to identify different levels of work. It enhances the vision of an important role which has been invisible for too long. This is a serious, realistic, and full report to support and add value to our profession. With five levels, common job titles, skills and tasks, it makes recruitment simple and successful.

    The Global Skills Matrix has been created to be a relevant part of this new post-pandemic world where technical skills are essential, and business strategy and planning are important to grow and define the role. It is a comprehensive and well-done piece of work, destined to be part of the future of our profession.”

    Eva Soto
    National Chairman, International Management Assistants – Spain

Download Free Tools & Resources

We have developed a number of free tools and resources that will help you to use the Matrix, and to communicate its messages to your executive, your peers, your HR manager, recruiting companies and educational institutes.

You can download these below:

Request A Free 45-minute Webinar to hear what the Global Skills Matrix can do for your company

How to use the matrix

Press Release

Graphics for use on Social Media

Letter for HR

Letter for Recruiters

PowerPoint with script guidance

Branding and Intellectual Property Guidelines

Webinar - Global Skills Matrix; a document that will change your world

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